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NEW - Our Serial Port Interface can be used to convert a stand-alone Weigand format reader to a dry contact closure. No proprietary interface or Access Control System computer or software required. The unit will respond to "all" cards and fobs that the reader recognizes. Great for smaller installations and demos. 12 Volt DC output to power your reader. Simple 2 to 4 wire hookup.

The Serial Port Interface provides a simple means to activate a turnstile, gate, door strike or magnetic lock via an output from a personal computer. The most common application is for stand alone applications such as found in club management or parking garage systems.

Check with your software vendor to verify that the authorization signal sends an ASCII character(s) to the serial port.

You will need one Serial Port Interface and computer serial port per each controlled output.

The Serial Port interface may be thought as a computer controlled relay. By sending any ASCII character to the PC's serial port, a control relay may be activated. This relay, in turn, can activate your access control hardware.

The Serial Port Interface setup is simple:
1- Connect your access control hardware to either the Normally Open or Normally Closed sets of terminals. Normally Open contacts are generally used for turnstiles, gate operators or fail lock door strikes. Normally Closed contacts are generally used for fail safe door strikes or magnetic locks.

2- Connect the DB9 computer connector to your PC's serial port. If your computer has a USB port, you can obtain a serial port to USB converter at many computer stores.

USB to Serial CableAvailable On-line or from Computer Stores

3- Connect the supplied arc suppression snubber capacitor across either the Normally Open or Normally Closed terminals, depending on which are being used in your application.
4- Finally, plug the power supply into an 115VAC outlet.
5- Adjust the timer control to the desired setting.
......a. For access control devices that require a momentary contact, turn the timer control to minimum. Turnstiles generally fall into this category
......b. For door strikes and magnetic locks that do not have their own internal timer, adjust the serial port interface timer control to the desired "hold open" time. Maximum settable time is approximately 1 minute.

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